We design and develop premium websites and brands for startups that use blockchain technology


Perhaps you are familiar with the concept of building a Minimum Viable Product. We do that for all of our projects, except we call it Minimum Viable Design. Before finding product market fit, it’s not sustainable to work with an in-house or traditional branding agency. It’s overkill. Most importantly - you might end up with something that will be obsolete in weeks or months. Instead, we will create a very functional minimum viable design to start with, and once you find your market fit and your business gets profitable, you can redesign or enhance your brand.

We believe blockchain technology is the future of digital trust, but yet the applications are often very difficult to use for consumers with limited technical understanding - a big problem in our eyes. We strive to make blockchain more functional for everyone through accessible design and communication.


We run two types of  5 day sprints that are made up of a bunch of fun exercises we do together. One being a brand sprint, the other being a website sprint. From that, we craft two proposals for you based on the sprint you selected. You choose which one fits better. Then we polish it and deliver the rest of the assets.

Day 1
Meet &  Brief
On the first day we gather information about your company and set clear goals and objectives for your identity. We aim for results, not for endless BS meetings.
Day 2
Design Direction
After we have done our homework and researched your industry and competitors, we start exploring different design directions.
Day 3
Present &  Choose
We present to you two proposals. You have the day to decide which direction fits best your company objectives, then we continue to work on the rest of the assets.
Day 4
Revise & Finalize
You may request changes to the selected design direction after we reflect your requests, you will have a few hours to approve them or go with the original proposal.
Day 5
Project Handover
We collect and organize all design files in formats that allow easy implementation of the work we did together.


In the early stages of a business you don't completely know your identity and market yet. The typical process of branding and designing visual identity is slow, expensive, and complicated. Costs may reach $30-$50K and can takes months to produce. Instead, we create a premium visual identity within 5 days for a flat price of $2500.

Don't Expect

  1. Template design
  2. Outsorucing of work
  3. Compromised quality
  4. Enless revisions
  5. Extended timeline
  6. Late delivery

What To Expect

  1. Custom-tailored design
  2. Ready to use identity
  3. Compromised quality
  4. Enless revisions
  5. Extended timeline
  6. Late delivery
Brand design in 5 business days
for a fixed price of $2500
Available Seats
We are a limited quarterly service. Apply today

The typical website project is an absolute nightmare. Our approach is much different than most. We don’t do one off projects. We don’t build websites than vanish. When you partner with us, we are here to support and serve you for the long haul. Every landing page that we design has a fixed rate of $2000 per page, and a $250 monthly retainer.

Landing page design in 5 business
days for a fixed price of $2500
We are a limited quarterly service. Apply today

Our sprints are based off of Google's Design Sprint. Not just because we like google, but because they're fun and they work. We can do them remotely over a group video call, at your office, or somewhere else with good vibes.


Whether you're a startup or an established brand, it can be hard to define a clear narrative. There can be a lot of opinions, too much information, technical complexity, ambiguity, or a combination of all four. We can help you cut through all of that to define your brand, key messaging, website, story, and tone of voice - with a compelling narrative for consumers, investors, and people everywhere.


We're a two-person brand marketing agency based in Toronto. Dylan is the Creative Strategist. Greg is the Creative Director. We both like black coffee, working with smart people, our fav person jennelle, and each other.

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